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Are you looking for a Building Contractor to complete your tenant build-out? VE Builders is here to help!


We are a licensed building contractor, with experience in commercial remodeling and tenant build-outs in the Central Florida area. We focus on commercial remodeling, and tenant improvement projects for clients in professional office settings like attorneys, physicians, management companies, apartment buildings, as well as retail and office space.

Whether you need a complete commercial renovation or a simple office remodeling, we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality workmanship, and minimizing the down-time for your project. Our team will work quickly and efficiently, to provide you personalized service at affordable prices.


We recognize that each of our clients has specific requirements, and we also understand the challenges of commercial remodeling projects including, opening dates, third party vendors, scheduling, and the logistics of buildings. If you are looking for a commercial contractor in the Central Florida area please call VE Builders today.

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