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Dwayne Volkema Headshot - VE Builders in Florida
Dwayne Volkema


As a native of Orlando, Florida, Dwayne Volkema, has seen the tremendous growth the city has experienced and has been part of the development process. Dwayne entered the construction industry at the age of 16 on a masonry crew. For the next 30 years, a tool belt rarely left his waist as he worked in various trades including masonry, carpentry, roofing, and air conditioning on his way to becoming a state-certified building contractor.


In 2004 he launched Volkema Enterprises which quickly became known as one of Central Florida's premier home maintenance companies by providing quality workmanship, quick response time, and an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction. Property managers and investors throughout Central Florida turned to Volkema Enterprises for everything from their smallest repair items to their largest remodels.

In 2014 the company rebranded to become VE Builders with a renewed focus on home additions, remodels, and structural reworking, while still providing their clients with the same quality workmanship and dynamic customer service. 

Dwayne has built a reputation in his community as someone who believes in old fashion honesty and integrity in both business and personal dealings. Dwayne believes in doing what he says he is going to do, and doing it on time. Making sure to completely satisfy each and every client, every time, is what has propelled Dwayne and VE Builders to become one of Central Florida’s premier builders.

Eliot Grime Headshot - VE Builders in Florida
Eliot Grime


Eliot is a native of Miami, Florida.  As the son of an electrician and home DIY’er, he spent years assisting his father around the house and helping neighbors, family, and friends with various electrical and home repairs.  When Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida, he saw first-hand the destruction caused when builders take short cuts or have a “That’ll never happen” attitude.  Eliot earned a degree in business administration from Miami-Dade Community College then spent years in the restaurant industry learning the value of exceptional customer service and efficient processes.     


He joined Dwayne at Volkema Enterprises in 2006 and together grew it into the premier home maintenance company that property managers call when their properties need to be rent ready.  This experience, with all aspects of home repair, solidified his knowledge base.


Eliot has built a reputation as a hands-on leader. With proactive planning and regular communication throughout the building or remodeling process, Eliot is able to deliver the final results clients envisioned from the start. Return and referral business are quickly launching VE Builders into Orlando’s leading building contractor.  


Eliot lives in East Orlando with his wife, daughters, and dogs.

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