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Custom Home Builder

VE Builders offers more than just well-built, beautiful new homes in Central Florida. We offer you incredible home designs where you can live life to the fullest.


VE Builders is a Custom Home Builder that strives create a custom home in a place where you can live. Our creative custom home team is comprised of talented, passionate individuals committed to providing you with the best quality, highest-performing home possible. We want your home-building journey to be a positive and memorable experience that incorporates your dreams and the needs of your family.


That is why we take the time to meet with you and understand your lifestyle. We discuss “the nuts and bolts” of your home, looking at what rooms you need, how much space you desire, and what look and feel would best compliment your personal style.


VE Builders is a custom builder that understands the home-building journey begins with you, your dreams, and your goals. 

Our Custom Design Process

01 - Dreaming
02 - Choose Your Location
03 - Designing
04 - Personalizing
05 - Making it Official
06 - Reviewing
07 - Finishing Touches
08 - Going Vertical
09 - Making a House Your Home
10 - Settling In!

At VE Builders, which wants to be Your Custom Home Builder, we are committed to building each of our custom homes with unmatched craftsmanship, regardless of price point or location, because it is our passion to be design oriented but what truly sets us apart are the products and materials. We are committed to offering you the best options available when it comes to performance, health, and efficiency. 


Our team is committed to building a home that reflects your personality!

A Custom Home Built For Family

VE Builders knows the health of your family is important to you which is why we have made thoughtful decisions when choosing products that help improve the air you breathe indoors.


  • Low VOC Paint and Carpet

  • MERV 11 Filter

  • Integrated Dehumidification

  • Sustainable Materials


Each home we build is unique because each homeowner is unique and that is why flexibility in home design is essential to how we work. Once again, we are glad to mention that our team is committed to building a home that reflects your personality!

  • Flexibility on Preferences

  • Custom Design Options

  • Tailored To Your Specific Needs

  • Professional Design Team

  • Personalized Experience

  • Quality Vendors

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